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Professional Computer Repair Services

Experienced, Knowledgeable & Qualified

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Professional Cell Phone Repair

Experienced, Knowledgeable & Qualified

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We Offer Business IT Support

Experienced, Knowledgeable & Qualified

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Don't Ditch Your Technology

We have been in business over 25 years, we offer knowledgeable service at a fair price.

Desktop Computers

We service all brands of desktop computers.

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Laptop Repair

We service all brands of Laptop computers including Macbooks.

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Phone Repair

We service all brands of cell phones.

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Tablet Repair

We service all brands of tablets including Apple iPads.

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Data Backup & Security

We offer a backup & security service for your personal or business needs.

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Console Repair

We service all gaming consoles including XBox, Play Stations & Wii.

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Our Process

Don’t Ditch Your Technology



Relax…Don’t Panic. You have a place to come.


Bring Them
To Us

Bring us your damaged device and our knowledgeable tech will diagnose the issue.



We fix your device right here on site, our turn around time is quick.



Once the issue is diagnosed, the tech will fix it and call you within a couple of days for pickup.

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Excellent in digital Device
Repair Services

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